Scavenger Spy Weekend

secret spyThose who are old enough to remember the sitcoms of the 60s will recall that Jethro Bodine of The Beverly Hillbillies always to be a “double knot spy.” If you have ever entertained a similar ambition, you can get a taste of secret agent life at the Scavenger Spy Weekend on June 22 through 22 at Lake Conroe / Houston North KOA. While the real spy lifestyle is fraught with dangers and perils, this lighthearted spoof will be filled with laughter and fun. It will more closely resemble the comedic antics of Maxwell Smart than the dramatic exploits of the agents on Mission Impossible.

So Sherlock, get ready for the sleuthing activities to come that will include rules on how to be a spy as well as scavenger hunts, picture hunts and scavenger races. In addition to spy games, we will also have favorites such as hayrides, movies, crafts and ice cream socials.

On June 20, the Crighton Theatre will present a program called the Sounds of Texas, which sill star Delbert McClinton, a blues and rock singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist. Tickets are $59.

To book your next stay at Lake Conroe KOA, call (800) 562-9750 or call (936) 582-1200 for more information. Visit our website and reserve your spot today.


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