The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker, an inspiring and profoundly moving play, will be presented on September 7 and 8 at the Crighton Theatre. Campers at Lake Conroe / Houston North KOA RV park and campground will enjoy this gripping portrayal of the life of Helen Keller, a young girl who had been rendered blind, deaf and mute by an illness. Helen, who had become a wild creature at the age of six through lack of discipline, is taught to communicate by her governess Anne Sullivan after several fierce battles. As a result of gaining the immeasurable gift of communication, Helen’s dark, silent world is vanquished and she is able to have a meaningful life.

According to the locals, the Toasted Yolk Café is a wonderful place for breakfast or lunch, where the food is made from scratch. For breakfast, try the sourdough French toast or quiche of the day, and for lunch select one of their creative entrees like strawberry chicken salad.

We welcome you to vacation at our park, which is close to fine entertainment and eateries in the area. Visit our website and reserve your spot today.


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