Houston Museum District

A visit to the world-class attraction of the Houston Museum District will be well worth the trip for patrons of Lake Conroe / Houston North KOA RV park and campground. It is a collection of 19 museums that can broaden your world in a significant way.

Those interested in health will find the Health Museum nothing short of fascinating. The interactive technology of this facility will permit you to identify your personality and see how hard you heart works. You can even see what you’ll look like when you get older.

One of the museum favorites with visitors is the one dealing with natural sciences, which houses exhibits on topics including astronomy, space science and chemistry, along with gems, seashells and Texas wildlife. Other museums will provide exhibits that will give you glimpses into distant lands, such as the Indonesian gold display.

You emotions will run the gambit, as you are entranced by the beautiful works housed in the art and photography museums but sobered by the atrocities remembered in the Holocaust museum. A reviewer on Google summarized the entire experience by saying, “Visit all the museums and be changed.”

Our park is a drivable distance to this spectacular educational center. Visit our website and make your reservations today.


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